Royal Holloway Graduate Music Research
Internet Journal written and edited by students of the Department of Music


Welcome to the Website of Royal Holloway Graduate Music Research, a peer-reviewed Internet journal written and edited by postgraduates and alumni of the Department of Music, Royal Holloway University of London, UK, as well as guest authors.

This journal was founded in August 2002 to allow various high-standard articles by Royal Holloway students to enter the public domain. Currently, the journal also offers a home for those articles originally written for Royal Holloways musicological Internet newsletter, the Music Research Bulletin, pending its possible resurrection at a future date.

In the meantime, and perhaps the longer term, Royal Holloway Graduate Music Research exists for the benefit of first-rate students who desire to see their work in cyberprint. To this end, potential contributors are warmly invited to submit articles (or reviews) on any aspect of music/ology to the Editorial Board to be considered for publication within this Internet journal. Please send a brief introductory e-mail to The Editor in the first instance. Note that under/graduates not affiliated to Royal Holloway are permitted to contribute articles to this journal as guest authors.

Royal Holloway Graduate Music Research is a rolling journal, so this Website will be updated on an ad hoc basis, such that contributions received and accepted will be immediately published – and that the possibility exists for their subsequent revision. Editorial policy is more relaxed than that of a formal journal; accepted contributions may be slightly edited for prose style, and the journals typographical format will be adopted, but any recognised, consistently-applied method of citation is accepted. All articles published in this journal remain the © Copyright of the individual authors. The Editorial Board hopes that such conditions will prove amenable to the beginning researcher.

This Website is dedicated to our good friend Anne Widén, without whose relentless efforts the Music Research Bulletin would not have enjoyed four highly successful issues.

Christopher M. Wiley, Editor
Matthew Mills, Assistant Editor
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